COURT RULING: Philadelphia Must Pay $1.4 Million for Violating Gun Owners’ Privacy

July 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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The courts have not been kind to cities and states who violate the Second Amendment rights of their citizens in recent years.

Earlier this month we reported that the city of Chicago is required to pay the NRA’s multi-million dollar legal fees – for a second time after the city was sued for Second Amendment violations.

Now, it’s Philadelphia’s turn. The City of Brotherly Love will have to pay out $1.4 million for violating the privacy of carry permit holders.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer,

When city officials pulled the trigger in 2012 by posting details on gun-permit appeals online, they considered it a public service. Now the data have become a $1.4 million public expense.

The Nutter administration said Tuesday it had settled a class-action lawsuit with 3,265 Philadelphians who were denied a license to carry firearms by the Police Department or had a permit revoked and then appealed to the Department of Licenses and Inspections, which posted the information online.

Another win for gun owners in the courts. Maybe these cities and states will start to realize that there are very real monetary consequences when you violate the rights and privacy of your citizens.

Sadly, this settlement money will be paid for by the taxpayers. In cases like this it really should be the individuals who performed the illegal act paying the money out of their own pocket.

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