Connecticut Authorities Not in Position to Enforce New Registration Laws

April 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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Over three months after Connecticut’s deadline for its residents to register their firearms that the state has deemed “assault weapons,” it seems that authorities are no closer to actually being able to enforce these new laws.

According to My Record Journal,

State police are still wading through the 50,000 assault weapon and high-capacity magazine applications received last year prior to a Jan. 1 deadline. Current owners were required to register their weapons under state legislation passed in the wake of the Newtown massacre.

While gun owners who didn’t register could face a Class D felony conviction carrying a maximum of five years in prison, state police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance said there are no plans for enforcing the law right now.

“We’re still in the processing stage,” he said. “We have no plans over and above that.”

Vance said he doesn’t know whether the 50,000 applications represent that number of gun owners or weapons themselves and didn’t have any estimates on how many assault weapons authorities believe are actually in the state. There haven’t been any prosecutions under the new law, Vance said.

I’m glad to see these new laws which took so much time and money to implement are working out so well for the Connecticut authorities.

It’s not like anyone predicted this registration scheme would be a huge waste of time and resources. Oh, everyone predicted that? Yeah…

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