Concealed Carrier Arrested at Boston University Graduation After Mistakenly Carrying Guns

May 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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A concealed carrier in Boston, MA was arrested after what his family is calling a misunderstanding.

According to Andrea Massa’s wife, the couple was at the university to attend the graduation of her sister.

She says that after realizing they were in a prohibited location for carry, Massa attempted to leave, but was arrested by police before going through a security checkpoint.

Massa had to small handguns on his person, including a Smith and Wesson Shield.

Massa is charged with creating a disturbance and carrying firearms on school grounds. I’m unsure if either of those are classified as a felony in Massachusetts, but given the state’s anti-gun stance on many issues, it wouldn’t surprise me if the carrying on school grounds charge was. He is due in court on Monday.

This is an important reminder to know your state’s carry laws inside and out to avoid situations like this.

Sources:, The Daily Free Press, WCVB

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