Colorado Town to Vote on Making it Legal to Hunt Drones

December 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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predator droneTen years ago, if you said in 2013 that we’d be having a debate on how both privately and government owned unmanned aerial drones would be a part of our lives, many people would probably call you crazy.

However, here we are, in 2013, debating about unmanned aerial vehicles and how they’ll be used in daily life.

We have everything from federal government attack drones to law enforcement surveillance drones to recreational, hobby drones to drones designed to monitor and harass hunters.

Well, one small Colorado town is taking control of the debate in an interesting way.

The town of Deer Trail is set to vote on a local ordinance which would make it legal to shoot down unmanned drones that invade private property airspace.

On top of that, the ordinance would even put cash bounties on recovered drones. According to CNN,

The ordinance specifies the kinds of weapons and ammunition residents could use and puts a bounty on recovered parts — $25 for the fuselage or wing, $100 for a whole drone that has U.S. government markings.

The idea has found some support in Deer Trail, which takes up less than one square mile and is about 50 miles outside Aurora.

“I would shoot a drone down if it’s peering in my window, scanning me, and it’s within elevation where I can nail it,” said Robert Copely, a resident.

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