Carjacker/Kidnapper Gets Shot by Victim Because He Doesn’t Know How to Drive Stick

July 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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Driving a car with a manual transmission is just one of those skills that everyone should master. A would-be carjacker in Atlanta learned that the hard way last week.

A man armed with a gun attempted to steal a woman’s car and kidnap her at gunpoint in Atlanta. According to WSBTV,

Braxton Davis was one of several neighbors on Blue Ridge Avenue who heard a woman screaming for help on May 3. Police said the woman had just gotten into her car around 10:30 p.m. when Sebastian Fontana walked up.

“At that point, she locked the doors to the vehicle. The male came up to the window and displayed a firearm in order for her to allow him into the vehicle,” said Atlanta police Officer John Chafee.

Chafee said the woman let him in and Fontana told her, “We’re going to have some fun.” The woman also described Fontana as having a weird laugh.

Police said Fontana got frustrated because he didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. He put the gun down in his lap and the woman grabbed it and tried to get out of the car.

The suspect then grabbed and bit the woman, leaving visible marks on her arms. The woman then used the gun to shoot the suspect once in the leg, ending the attack. Police arrived and found the suspect in the middle of the street.

Maybe someone can teach him how to “drive stick” in prison.

We’re not going to classify this one as a defensive gun use since the woman used the suspect’s gun against him.

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