Cali Store Offering “Smart Gun” For Sale Forced to Pull it From Shelves After Gun Community Backlash

March 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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Armatrix-4Well, well. Who didn’t see this one coming from about 100 miles away.

As reported last month, the first store to offer the Armatix iP1 smart gun, the first smart gun to hit the market was being sold at a gun store in California, the Oak Tree Gun Club.

However, due to enormous gun community backlash, the store is now removing the gun from its shelves and distancing itself from the Armatix company.

According to the Washington Post,

Attacks in online forums and social networks against the Oak Tree Gun Club have prompted the store to back away from any association with the Armatix iP1 smart gun. The protests threaten the nascent smart gun industry, which received a jolt of support recently when a group of Silicon Valley investors offered a $1 million prize for promising new technology.

Gun rights advocates and Armatix executives have been mystified by the store’s response, which has been to deny ever offering the gun and apologizing for any confusion in several places online, including to a gun rights advocate at

The denials come despite Oak Tree owner James Mitchell’s extensive comments about why the gun was put on sale there. Armatix executives also provided The Post with two photos of the gun for sale in a gun cabinet at the facility, as well as multiple photos of customers shooting the iP1 at an event in a specially designed firing range with large Armatix signs.

Attacks on the store have been taking place on popular online gun forums, blogs, opinion columns and popular online review sites such as Yelp.

For those of you who might be reading this who aren’t an active part of the gun community, let me tell you that gun owners and Second Amendment advocates are some of the most organized, outspoken, and disciplined people in this country. If a product or business threatens the Second Amendment rights of Americans you can rest assured the Second Amendment community will be there.

The Armatix iP1 is a system that requires the user to be wearing a specialized watch that allows the gun to activate. Oddly, the watch is sold separately from the gun for some reason that is completely lost on me. The cost of the gun is $1399 while the required watch is $399 (plus applicable taxes of course). The Washington Post says that a Glock hangun can be had for around $600, but the actual street price of a Glock is usually in the $500 range.

Of course, the community backlash and ultimate back peddling of the store puts the future of smart guns into question (a good thing in my opinion). Firearms must be sold through federally licensed firearms dealers. These dealers make their living by selling to the Second Amendment community almost exclusively. If a dealer is seen to be anti-gun, their business likely won’t survive a longterm boycott by their core customers.

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