Bundy Ranch Situation Update: Reports of Firearm Confiscation, Buildup of Federal “Compound”

April 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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The Bundy Family apparently now have a Facebook page which has quickly grown to 20,000 fans and is being regularly updated. The situation is one of the top trending topics on both Facebook and Twitter as of Friday night.

Based on one report on the Facebook page (note: this is completely unconfirmed) at least some armed protestors have had their firearms confiscated. Here is the Facebook post alleging the action:

Like I said, no other confirmation other than that right now, and if true we don’t know exactly under what circumstances this occurred.

On the same Facebook account, aerial photos that seem to show a large, growing, improvised command center (once again, allegedly, not confirmed).


There were some reports of cell service in the area being cut off earlier today, but what is most likely happening is that the increased presence of hundreds of protestors/supporters and dozens if not hundreds of federal agents all using cell phones with data plans is likely overwhelming the very limited number of cell towers in the area. The Bundy family acknowledges this in a posting:

There are also quite a few people live tweeting from the area which obviously requires cell reception to do.

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