BREAKING: [Video] UN Overwhelmingly Approves Small Arms Treaty

April 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to Fox News, The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the first U.N. treaty Tuesday regulating the multibillion-dollar international arms trade.
The resolution adopting the landmark treaty was approved by a vote of 154 to 3 with 23 abstentions.

The 193-member world body voted after Iran, North Korea and Syria blocked its adoption by consensus at a negotiating conference last Thursday. The three countries voted “no” on the resolution.

The National Rifle Association has portrayed the draft treaty as a threat to gun ownership rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and has lobbied to defeat the proposal at the U.N. The NRA last week praised the Senate’s passage of an amendment to the Democratic budget proposal that would prevent the U.S. from entering into the treaty.

The treaty will supposedly deal primarily with illegal shipments of arms to war torn countries, but it is yet to be seen how it might affect the availability of international weapons in the US and private gun ownership around the world.

Any treaty signed by the US must be approved by 2/3 of the Senate by law.

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