[Video] BREAKING: RINO Chris Christie Unveils SWEEPING New Gun Control Measures for NJ

April 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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NJ already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

Is that a hollow point round in your pocket? Congratulations, you’re a felon.

Want to go down to the gun show this weekend? Oh yeah, those are outright illegal in NJ.

Now Governor Chris Christie has unveiled his plans for even stricter gun control laws.

Christie is proposing to ban, by name, the Barrett .50 caliber rifle (are .50 cal sniper shootings a big problem in NJ?), expand the mental health data used by background checks, and make it a felony to allow children to have access to guns.

While we’re talking about Christie lets talk for a minute about the importance of the primary process in presidential elections. This guy is being touted as a possible GOP presidential candidate for 2016, so make sure you understand your state’s primary voting procedure so we can make sure we aren’t running a RINO for president.

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