BREAKING: RECALL Process of Second Colorado State Senator Succeeds Moves Forward!

June 25 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Angela_Giron_2011According to the Denver Post, the recall effort of Colorado State Senator Angela Giron is moving forward. The Secretary of State’s office confirmed the signatures they received are valid and there are more than enough to move forward with a recall election.

Giron has 15 days to contest the signatures. Once that process is complete, the governor will be setting a special election in which Giron will be required to defend her seat.

Giron was an outspoken supporter of gun control in Colorado earlier this year and was instrumental in getting several gun control laws passed, including a restriction on magazine capacity as well universal background check requirements.

Giron has aggressively fought the recall effort and may have even hired protestors to harass the people gathering signatures for the recall.

Giron is the second Colorado State Senator to face a recall. Senate President John Morse will also have to defend his seat in a special election after an effort to recall him succeeded. Morse is now seeking out of state funds to help defend his seat.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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