BREAKING: Recall of 2 Colorado State Senators Moves Forward After Appeal Fails

July 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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coloradoflag_erinAccording to a Fox News article, the recall efforts of two Democratic Colorado State Senators who supported strict gun control laws earlier this year is moving forward.

Both senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, appealed to the Secretary of State, citing technical errors and in Giron’s case, requested a change of venue for the appeal, as she didn’t think she would get a fair decision from the Republican secretary’s office. All appeals were denied. This will allow the recalls to move forward.

Both senators plan on further appealing the state’s decisions to the courts before the election date can be set. The attorney representing both senators cases against the recall said he is prepared to take the case to the State Supreme Court.

The governor will have 60 days once he received the final recall paperwork to schedule recall elections in which both senators will have to defend their seats. It is expected that paperwork could hit the governor’s desk as early as Monday.

Both Giron and Morse were supporters of strict gun control legislation earlier this year in Colorado. Both lawmakers supported numerous anti gun initiatives, two of which actually passed – a strict universal background check requirement and a law limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds.

If either of the senators are recalled they would be the first Colorado lawmakers recalled since the law was put in place over 100 years ago.

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