BREAKING: Prosecutors to Pursue Felony Charges Against Decorated War Vet in NY For AR Magazine Possession

February 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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We’ve been continuously sharing the story about Nathan Haddad, the decorated Iraq War vet and current Department of Defense employee who was arrested in Decemeber for possessing 5 30 round AR magazines in the state of New York.

Please Note: Haddad is charged with the OLD New York law, which has been in place for nearly 2 decades now, which bans the possession of magazines made before 1994. Haddad was under the impression his magazines were pre ’94 magazines as they had markings typical for those magazines.

According to, prosectors offered Haddad a plea deal that would see him convicted of 5 misdemeanors, however that would mean the end of Haddad’s career at the DoD.

Now, prosecutors plan to take the case to trial and push for five felony convictions, one for each magazine.

You can donate to Haddad’s defense fund here:

While $35,000+ has already been raised it could easily cost $100,000+ to fight this all the way up to higher courts.

Next year, an even more restrictive magazine law will go into effect in NY which will limit magazine size to seven rounds and outlaw even pre ’94 magazines.

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