BREAKING: NYU Student Arrested for Selling AIRSOFT Guns and is Demonized by NY Media

April 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to the NY Daily News a 20 year old NYU student was arrested for possessing and selling weapons out of his dorm room.

Bernard Goal, 20, made some money for college by modifying Airsoft guns (guns that shoot small plastic balls and are used in sporting events similar to paintball) to custom specifications for online clients.

In almost all areas of the country, Airsoft guns are considered toys, however in New York he might as well have been selling the real thing.

According to the NY Daily News,

The workers alerted campus security officers, who called cops to the scene after they found five Airsoft rifles inside, sources said. At least one of the weapons resembled an AK-47, a source said.

He was charged with five counts of unlawful possession of a weapon with intent to sell.

The NY Daily News made sure to throw this tidbit into their story:

Prosecutors said cops recovered six Airsoft rifles from Goal’s room, in addition six air rifle rounds, to flash suppressors, sights and collapsible stocks.

Air rifle rounds? You mean a plastic bb? Sights – OH NO, you mean he could actually aim these weapons of pretend war? Collapsible stocks – Whew, close one, wouldn’t want those toy guns to be adjustable for different users.

And prosecutors noted that such parts can be used on real weapons, such as M-16s and M-4s.

Wait, what? OK I get the stocks can probably be used on the real deal, but why mention M-16s and M-4s except for hysteria reasons. Those weapons are already highly, highly regulated and highly expensive. Maybe they meant M4’s? Nah, that wouldn’t create enough hysteria.

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