BREAKING: New Law – Guns Bought in Arizona Buybacks CANNOT Be Destroyed, Will be Sold to Public

April 30 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law yesterday a bill that would make the destruction of guns bought through government organizaed buybacks illegal.

The wording of the new law requires that whenever a government sponsored gun buyback takes place the guns acquired must be publicly auctioned off, just like every other piece of non-evidence property.

Proponents of the NRA backed law say that the buybacks were costing taxpayers a large sum of money by using government funds to purchase and destroy weapons.

According to the, the law is not meant to completely remove the ability to destroy a gun in the state, but only to limit the use of government resources to do so.

Proponents of the legislation said none of this keeps the owner of a firearm from having it destroyed. The only difference, they said, is that this would have to be done privately, without involvement of municipal employees.

Any guns bought will be sold at public auction, but only federally licensed firearms dealers will be permitted to purchase the firearms. Those dealers can then sell the firearms to the general public following the same laws and regulations for normal gun sales.

Obviously, anti gun Democrats were not happy about the measure.

“This action by the governor is not only outrageous, but it is insensitive for us now to be putting these guns back on the streets,” said state Senator Steve Gallardo, a Democrat and a leading opponent of the measure. “That’s just plain wrong.”

The bill was passed by the state House back in March, the Senate earlier this month, and was signed by Brewer yesterday.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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