BREAKING: Mississippi Supreme Court Won’t Stop Renegade Judge Who is Blocking Open Carry Law

July 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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573px-Gavel_(PSF)Earlier this week we reported that a Mississippi circuit court judge issued an injunction, preventing a bill recently passed by the state legislature that would allow for openly carrying firearms in Mississippi, from becoming law (original story below).

Now, according to Fox, the Supreme Court of Mississippi has ruled that they cannot stop the injunction. The justices were asked to look into the manor by the State Attorney General, who is a supporter of the new bill.

The Court said they cannot stop the block for procedural reasons and the decision does not include any opinions on the new law itself.

Original Story

According to, a Mississippi judge has filed an injunction that will prevent the new open carry bill, which permits unlicensed carry of firearms that are not concealed, from becoming law (which it was set to become next week).

“I never thought I’d live to see a lawsuit filed to say that the Constitution is unconstitutional, which is basically what they’re saying,” the bill’s main sponsor, Republican Rep. Andy Gipson told The Associated Press after the judge’s ruling. “I’m confident that in the end, our Second Amendment rights will be upheld.”

Of course the anti gunners had to weigh in and bring about the standard rhetoric of the “Wild Wild West” and saving the public from mayhem.

The Clarion-Ledger reported that Jody Owens, an attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said those seeking to block the law are trying to stop mayhem.

“The plaintiffs are trying to stop mayhem. We’re looking at a wild, wild West scenario,” Owens said.

I guess they forgot about the numerous states that already allow unlicensed open carry, including five states with Constitutional Carry (open and concealed carry without a permit). Those states, Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, Arkansas and Arizona have crime rates that are right in line with the rest of the country (well except Chicago and Washington DC, where strict gun control has created a culture of victims).

The judge has set a hearing date of July 7th to decide if the injunction should continue. The State Attorney’s Office is supporting the law.

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