BREAKING: Marine Corps Approves Glock 19 For Limited Use

February 17 2015
by GSL Staff
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Wow, it looks like the United States Marine Corps is full of progressive firearms ideas today. Earlier we reported that the USMC was looking into adding some features commonly found on civilian, competition AR-15 rifles to the M16/M4 platform.

Now, a report has been released stating that the USMC has approved the Glock 19 for limited use among Special Operations personnel.

According to the Marine Corps Times:

In a Marine Corps first, the service recently added a Glock pistol to its list of authorized individual weapons, optics and modular attachments.

However, the 9mm semi-automatic Glock 19 pistol is officially approved for use only by personnel assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, according to a force-wide message issued in mid-February. In fact, the pistol will carry a non-Marine inventory number because it is a U.S. Special Operations Command asset, according to the message.

It’s unknown what generation of Glock will be utilized at this time.

Numerous law enforcement agencies around the world already use the Glock pistol as well as several foreign militaries.

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