BREAKING: Illinois Governor Quinn Likely to Veto Conceal Carry Bill

June 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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Lisa_Madigan_2011According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has stated that she expects Illinois governor Pat Quinn to veto the concealed carry bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the state legislature next week.

Madigan made the comments when speaking at a luncheon discussion hosted by the pro-Democratic women’s campaign fund EMILY’s List.

Madigan was named as the defendant in the US Court of Appeals case which is forcing Illinois to adopt a plan for concealed carry by mid July, a deadline which has already been pushed back once.

Madigan said she expects the governor to propose a compromise to the already extremely compromised legislation being proposed, which includes neutered state preemption on firearms laws as well as strict, time consuming and expensive training requirements for residents seeking a carry permit.

Madigan’s name has been thrown into the ring as a possible primary contender for Quinn in the next election for Illinois Governor. Her father is the powerful Speaker of the House in the state legislature.

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