BREAKING: Gun Rights Groups Sue Connecticut Over New, Unconstitutional Gun Laws

May 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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A group consisting of multiple pro gun organizations and citizens has filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy and other top Connecticut officials, alleging that new laws recently passed in the state are a violation of citizen’s Second Amendment rights.

nunst008In the wake of the December Sandy Hook shooting, CT passed some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Numerous guns were classified as “assault weapons” and banned. Standard capacity magazines were also banned. The new laws also greatly expanded background check laws.

According to a Fox,

Lead attorney Brian Stapleton said the plaintiffs’ core complaint is that the assault weapons and large-capacity magazine bans violate their rights to bear arms and to equal protection under the law. Stapleton, a partner with Goldberg Segalla LLP, with offices in Hartford, New York and elsewhere, is also the lead trial counsel in the challenge of New York’s new “Safe Act” gun control law.

“We wanted to include in our complaint a wide variety of plaintiffs to demonstrate the broad impact of this law,” Stapleton said. “This is a law that negatively impacts private individuals — regular, ordinary citizens — it affects manufacturers and retailers. It affects distributors, it affects small businesses. We’ve tried to bring into the lawsuit as wide a spectrum of plaintiffs as possible for that reason.”

Similar lawsuits are also taking place in Colorado and New York, both states which moved to adopt stricter gun control policies in the wake of the December shooting. The lawsuits in those states have drawn support from local law enforcement, businesses and national gun rights organizations.

According to ABC,

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen’s office said the legislation is lawful and the office is prepared to vigorously defend the law against any court challenge.

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