BREAKING: Gun Rights Group Takes Down “Everytown for Gun Safety” Facebook Page For Legal Reasons

April 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE 1:45pm 4/20/14: According to Gun Rights Across America founder Eric Reed, the Facebook page was pulled due to possible legal reasons. As we’ve previously mentioned, GRAA is a legit, volunteer based, grassroots organization, and Everytown is backed by multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg. I think we know how that legal battle would play out.

We originally reported that the page was taken down by Facebook, which seemed to be what happened based on the sudden disappearance of the page (see story below), however it does not appear Facebook had any role in the dispute thus far.

everytownORIGINAL STORY: This week, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new anti-gun initiative called Everytown for Gun Safety. However, the Bloomberg camp obviously forgot to register the domain names and secure the social media pages using that name.

So, what happened next was pretty predictable. Gun rights groups (predominantly Gun Rights Across America) pounced on the opportunity and registered both the domain names as well as the Facebook page names and began using the properties to promote actual gun safety, not just increased gun legislation.

Well, it looks like it didn’t take the Bloomberg camp very long to strike back. It seems that Facebook has stripped Gun Rights Across America of the Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page and awarded it to the Bloomberg group. [edit: The page was taken down voluntarily by GRAA due to legal concerns]

The Bloomberg camp got around the domain issue by securing (instead of to use as its operating website.

Everytown for Gun Safety is the third financially backed anti-gun group by Bloomberg (the first two being Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense).

Bloomberg calls the new initiative a “grassroots” organization, but it is controlled and funded at the national level by Bloomberg, who is using $50 million of his own money to seed the operation (sounds just like a grassroots organization to me).

The Bloomberg group made it clear with their first posts on their newly acquired Facebook page that safety isn’t their number one priority, but rather enacting stricter gun legislation and getting their politicians into power are.

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