BREAKING: Emily Miller’s Washington DC Carry Permit is Approved

February 25 2015
by GSL Staff
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Fox 5’s Emily Miller who also authored “Emily Gets Her Gun” documenting the ridiculous process one must undergo to legally own a firearm in our nation’s capital has been approved for a Washington DC carry permit.

Miller posted the following update to Twitter:

Miller was among the first people to apply for the permit which DC began offering following a federal lawsuit. Courts ruled that DC’s complete ban on carry outside the home was unconstitutional. However, the permitting system put in place by DC is “may issue” which means you have to prove a need for the permit before it will be issued.

According to Miller, this is why her application was approved:

Milton Agurs, who works in the office, explained to me that few people will pass muster to get a permit.

“Your life is in danger, your family or your property, or you have the type of business you carry large sums of money, jewelry. Under those circumstances, that’s why you get conceal carry in the District of Columbia,” he said.

I got the police reports from two different threats against me, as well as an FBI warning that a terror group is targeting journalists. I turned in my application at the end of November.

So, despite the good news that Miller got her permit it sounds like it’s still going to be very, very hard to meet DC’s requirements for issuing a permit.

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