BREAKING: Chris Christie Appoints NJ Attorney General Who Ran Numerous Gun Buybacks to US Senate Seat

June 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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NJ-AG-Jeffrey-S-ChiesaJust a couple of hours ago we tried to predict what NJ Governor Chris Christie would do to fille the Senate seat of the deceased Frank Lautenberg.

Lautenberg, a Democrat and avid anti gunner, had been in poor health in the months leading up to his death and had missed many Senate votes.

Christie, a Republican (RINO?), did appoint a Republican to succeed Lautenberg until a special election is held in October. This gives the Senate Democrats a little less wiggle room in their majority.

Christie has appointed NJ Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to the seat according to Fox News. Chiesa and Christie have known each other for 20 years and Chiesa served as Christie’s General Counsel before taking over as Attorney General.

There is little information readily available about Chiesa’s political stances. He will likely be part of an immigration reform vote and may also play a role in a gun contro vote, should that issue be brought back up.

The only thing we can find about Chiesa’s thoughts on gun rights is that as Attorney General of NJ he prosecuted several gun cases very aggressively and also organized and oversaw numerous state sponsored gun buyback operations across the state. Not exactly actions that inspire confidence for the new senator’s thoughts on gun rights.

That said, it would be hard for Chiesa to be worse than the late Lautenberg, who was vehemently anti-gun.

Christie has long been criticized by the pro gun members of the Republican Party for his seemingly anti gun stances and support of NJ’s extremely restrictive gun laws.

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