BREAKING: Charges DROPPED Against 14 Year Old Arrested Over NRA Shirt Incident

June 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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We’ve been following the case against Jared Marcum, a 14 year old boy in West Virginia, who was arrested on April 18th after refusing to take off an NRA shirt he was wearing in school. The police were called and Jared was arrested for obstructing an officer when he allegedly wouldn’t stop talking.

Last week the prosecuting attorney announced they would move forward with that charge. Then, after the story began to get some press coverage, the prosecutor tried to threaten Jared with a gag order, and a local TV reporter was threatened with arrest for covering the case.

Now, inexplicably, it seems the charges against Jared have been withdrawn.

According to WOWKTV, who has been covering the story from start to finish,

Jared Marcum’s mother, Tanya Lardieri, was overcome with emotion after signing a dismissal order and cementing the fact that the criminal charges against her 14-year-old son, Jared Marcum, have been withdrawn.

“It should have come sooner but it’s done and we don’t have to have that concern anymore about him having a criminal record” Jared’s father Allen Lardieri tells WOWK. “I’m just glad that it’s over. His mother is glad it’s over.”

Jared’s attorney Ben White calls this a win for common sense. White says he’s heard too many stories of children being penalized for seemingly harmless behavior, just because each of these incidents included gun imagery of one sort or another.

It should also be noted that the shirt was found not to be against the school dress code and Jared has been allowed to wear it back to school since the original incident.

According to WOWKTV, the family may be pursuing civil suits over the incident.

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