BREAKING: Bloomberg Using Taxpayer Resources to Publish and Maintain Anti Gun Websites

June 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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StoryA report on POLITICO has revealed that anti gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using city web servers and staffers to publish and maintain the website for his “non-profit,” Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

The MAIG Action Fund (which is supposedly separate from the main MAIG organization) is registered as a 501c4 non-profit, you know, the same designation that the IRS refused to many conservative groups for being “political” in nature. The organization is largely funded by Bloomberg’s personal fortune and the mayor has spent over $14 million of his own funds on the group.

According to POLITICO, several domain names for the organization are registered with and maintained by New York City’s IT department and city employees. From the report,

Two domains – and – both list the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications as the registrants. The administrative and technical contact for the dot-com version lists the email of Chris Long, the city’s director of web operations and strategy. The dot-org version lists a phone number that goes to the DoITT line of Daniel Sbernick, who retired as the city’s chief information security officer last month…

Another Bloomberg policy venture, the immigration group he co-founded with Rupert Murdoch, Partnership for a New American Economy, is also listed partially at Geller’s office. The site,, also lists its registrant as “MAIG.”

Both and had the same phone number. When POLITICO called, the man who answered acknowledged it belonged to both organizations. He said he’d pass along a message along to MAIG’s spokeman, whom he identified as Alex Katz. Katz, among the spokespeople for MAIG, is a city employee.

Has the mayor gone too far in blurring the lines between his own personal political fights and city resources?

Bloomberg’s group has become extremely active in 2013 and most recently has been spending millions, if not tens of millions of dollars on television and radio ad buys which target senators who voted against the universal background check bill which was defeated in the Senate in April. Many people, including anti-gun Democrats such as NY Senator Chuck Schumer, question the effectiveness and reasoning behind the ads.

MAIG just recently launched a cross country bus tour in which they are traveling from state to state to lobby state governments and hold events where they read the names of “gun violence victims.” Earlier this week it was revealed that list of “victims” included alleged Boston Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev as well as numerous criminals who were killed by police or law abiding private citizens in self defense.

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