BREAKING: Biden to Restart Push for Gun Control Next Week

June 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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320px-Biden_ObamaAs we predicted earlier this week, the Democrats are on the move in regards to gun control.

POLITICO is reporting that Vice President Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden will be hosting an event next week that will discuss the administration’s gun control agenda.

The event marks the first public event that either President Obama or Vice President Biden has attended in regards to gun control since the president’s heated speech from the Rose Garden following the failure of the background check vote in the Senate in April.

President Obama will not be in attendance and the White House did not comment on further details of the event.

As we reported on Monday, the families of Newton victims are also traveling to the capitol this week to try and lobby lawmakers into supporting more federal gun control legislation. Biden, Harry Reid and Joe Manchin have also been holding private talks with Democratic lawmakers on the issue of guns in recent days. All of these put together tell us something is coming down the pipes in Washington in regards to gun control very soon.

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