BREAKING: Are Supporters of Recalled, Anti Gun Colorado Lawmaker Being Paid in Cash to Protest Illegally?!?

June 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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We’ll let you take away from this video what you may, but it appears that supporters of Angela Giron, the anti gun state senator from Colorado, who is in the process of being recalled by her constituents are being paid, in cash, by an unidentified man during an illegal protest that is harassing the legal operation of pro gun activists to secure recall signatures. One of the activists gathering recall signatures captured the video.

Maybe the Senator herself wasn’t paying these people, but someone is clearly seen handing cold hard, cash money to some of the anti gun protestors in this video. At minimum the Senator has some serious questions to answer. Who is the man paying the protestors? What is he paying them for? Why are they being encouraged to protest illegally and harass the legal effort of the recall activists to gather signatures?

Giron has made claims that her hispanic supporters have been harassed over race while campaigning for her, but it looks like the only ones being harassed in this video are the law abiding signature gatherers.

Pro gun supporters delivered about 20% more signatures than required to recall Giron this week and they are awaiting the validation of those signatures before a special election can take place in which Giron will have to defend her seat against a Republican challenger.

The recall efforts in Colorado are expected to have national repercussions. If successful it is expected that many anti gun lawmakers will back off the gun issue for fear of losing their seats as well.

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