BREAKING: 60+ People Shot in Gun Control Capital of Chicago This Weekend

July 7 2014
by Dan Cannon
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According to media reports over 60 people were shot in Chicago this weekend (Friday – Sunday).

Of course, at least one major news network, ABC News, somehow made their report about legal firearms carry (pretty fair report though).

It’s currently not possible to legally purchase a gun from a dealer in the city of Chicago. The city council just recently passed a measure to allow gun shops to operate in the city, but the requirements are so strict that it is unlikely anyone will try to open a shop there.

Until just recently, the city had its own gun registry and before that even had an outright ban on handgun ownership.

The city has had virtually every gun control law that the anti-gun crowd wants in place at some point over the last few years. However, the city remains one of the worst in the country for criminal activity committed with firearms.

This isn’t the first violent weekend Chicago has had this year it’s happened several times before.

We should also point out that if a 50-60 were shot in one city by a spree killer with a semi-auto rifle, it would make national news on a daily basis for weeks and weeks. While this violent weekend in Chicago does seem to be getting some national media attention, it will likely be a passing headline over the next 24 hours, if most news sources choose to cover it at all.

Just another example of gun control advocated choosing to ignore the real causes of violence in this country – gang violence and violence in the illicit drug market, both of which contribute strongly to Chicago’s violence.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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