Bob Costas Talks Trash About Gun Rights and Athletes – Again – NRA Responds

April 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.57.10 PMFor some reason, Bob Costas, a noted sportscaster currently most known for his association to the NFL has been talking trash about guns and athletes, and to a smaller extent, gun rights in general.

It all started when Costas used an NFL halftime show to go on an anti-gun tirade and he has since doubled down on the remarks.

Now Costas is speaking out yet again saying,

“Let’s make a bet, you and me. Let’s say over the next five years – we’ll do a Google search, we’ll have an independent party monitor it – you keep track of how many good and constructive things are associated with athletes having a gun, and I’ll keep track of all the tragedies and criminality and folly. And let’s see who comes out ahead or behind as the case may be. These things are directly connected.”

Well, Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA-ILA fired back in Costas in an op-ed,

Let’s be clear. The reason you don’t see those stories reported isn’t because they don’t exist. In fact, they occur thousands upon thousands of times every year – far more often than the tragedies and criminality and folly of which Costas speaks. You don’t see them reported because they don’t drive up ratings.

So, Bob, I’ll accept your bet – provided that we compare real statistics, not misleading news reports. And when you lose, you have to turn down armed security at your events for an entire year. As you say, these things are directly connected.

Mark your calendars for the April 2015 showdown between Bob Costas and Chris Cox. Bring your statistics.

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