Bloomberg: “New York City Gun Crime is Virginia’s Fault,” Yeah! Virginia! …Wait, What?

August 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to the Washington Times, anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking aim at other states in his efforts to institute stricter gun control nationwide.

“Take Virginia,” [Mr. Feinblatt, Bloomberg’s Chief of Staff] said, at a press conference at City Hall. “That state requires no background checks for private sales and the legislature in that state even recently rolled back their state laws by stripping their one-gun-a-month purchase limit.”

Other states faulted by Mr. Feinblatt: South Carolina, for contributing 251 “crime guns” in 2011, he said. And Georgia, Alabama and Texas – all states that allow for online gun sales absent background checks.

Mr. Feinblatt is stretching the facts here. Yes, in those states you can buy a gun from a private individual, and you can even setup that purchase through an online message board or classifieds website. However, you can’t simply order any gun you want online and have it shipped to your door no questions asked. It is also illegal to sell a gun to someone you suspect of being ineligible to own one.

It should also be noted that the violent crime rate in those states is on par with every other state in the country, and are actually much lower than many “gun free” areas of the country such as Chicago and Washington D.C.

Bloomberg’s stance isn’t too surprising. In order to justify the use of city funds for his nationwide political campaign, he has to somehow link the spending back to safety for the city.

Bloomberg has come under fire recently for a variety of “scandals” linked to his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Earlier this year, the group took heat for including the names of criminals, notably one of the Boston Bombing suspects, in a list of “victims of gun violence”.

The group has also been in hot water for using New York City’s taxpayer funded resources in its lobbying efforts. Including hosting its websites on city web servers and using city paid employees for lobbying efforts in other states and at the national level.

The group has also had poor turnout at stops on its anti-gun bus tour, with pro gun protestors often outnumbering the anti-gun protestors.

Last month it was reported that over 50 mayors have left the group recently, and recruiting efforts of newly elected mayors are falling flat.

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