Blog: Females Are Embracing Gun Ownership More Than Ever

December 29 2011
by GSL Staff
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I ran across this article on CBS.

I think just about anyone who is active in the gun community or shooting sports could tell you that women are becoming more commonplace in all facets of the shooting.

Some highlights from the article.

More women than ever are picking up rifles, shotguns, and handguns. And target shooting is one of the fastest-growing female sports.

Pistol-shooting mommas and rifle-wielding yoga instructors may not be the type of woman who comes to mind when you hear about female shooters, but they’re dominating the sport.

They say they shoot not only for self-protection, but because it relieves stress, helps them find peace and concentration and – feel feminine.

For instance, Deirdre Gailey, who says, “I’m a yoga instructor, I work at a vegan bakery — and I also like to shoot guns.”

Jill Kargman, an author and mother of three, is a licensed gun owner and target shooter, says, “I always dress up. I’m very traditional feminine in certain ways. But when I’m shooting a gun, I guess I feel empowered, and empowerment is sexy.”

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