ATF Clarifies That Using AR-15 Pistol Arm Brace as Shoulder Stock is Not Illegal

April 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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Well, what’s this? Some common sense from the ATF? Looks like it!

In a letter provided to us by a reader, it looks like the ATF has officially clarified that using an approved arm brace device, such as the SIG SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Device, as a shoulder stock is not illegal.

Many people had theorized this was the case as the ATF usually only makes determinations about products based on their intended use, not all possible ways they could be used. We also knew the ATF had already approved the arm brace in a letter provided to SIG.

So, now that this is all cleared up, who is going to be building a new AR pistol?



As the letter clearly states, shouldering an AR-15 style pistol, even one equipped with a SIG arm brace, does not make the firearm a regulated SBR.

Please note that this is only 1 letter and the ATF has been known to randomly change their minds on things in the past, so be careful out there. It probably wouldn’t hurt to write the ATF yourself and get your own copy of a letter, addressed to you, clarifying the position.

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