Army Veteran, Current Teacher Brings Gun on Field Trip to NYC – Guess How the Story Ends?

August 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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A Rochester, New York teacher has found herself in hot water after getting caught with a loaded .38 revolver as she attempted to enter the Statue of Liberty while on a field trip with 10 students in New York City.

According to,

A well-known Rochester City School District teacher was charged with a felony in New York City two months ago while she was chaperoning a school trip.

The New York City Police Department says on May 31, Diane Watkins went through the X-Ray machine to go to the Statue of Liberty and a loaded gun was found in her purse. Watkins was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a felony punishable by 3 and 1/2 to 15 years in prison. Her bail was set at $2,500 cash and $7,500 bond. The New York City Department of Corrections has not responded to a request for information on how long she was jailed. The case is still pending.

Watkins is an Army veteran who has a permit to carry a firearm in the state of New York.

In case you aren’t aware, New York state and New York City might as well be different countries in regards to how they handle the carry of firearms.

New York State overall does have fairly restrictive gun laws, especially since the recent passage of the SAFE Act back in early 2013. However, it is possible to get a permit to carry in the state of New York, and plenty of people do so.

However, getting a permit in NYC is an entirely different matter. Virtually no one except celebrities and important government works ever gets a permission slip to carry into the big apple.

That fact has resulted in numerous arrests over the years, as people don’t always realize that New York City’s laws are so different from the rest of the state. In fact, in most states, local cities and counties aren’t allowed to make laws stricter than what the state has set in regards to gun carry in order to prevent confusion.

This story illustrates why it is so important to know the carry laws of any state you might be visiting. States like New York and cities like New York City, along with others, have no problem making a felon out of otherwise law abiding citizens who don’t know their restrictive gun laws. What is completely legal in most states could land you in prison for years in other states/cities.

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