[Video] Armed March on Washington DC! …With Water Pistols

June 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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Water_gunsLibertarian activist Adam Kokesh has cancelled his planned open carry march on Washington, DC which was originally scheduled for July 4th. Many, including gun rights supporters, criticized Kokesh’s controversial plan saying that such a dramatic step was not needed in the wake of legislative and court victories for the Second Amendment in recent months. Openly carrying firearms is illegal in DC.

However, another group still feels that the recent gun control policies supported by the current administration need to be protested, and they are going to do just that. They are going march on Washington DC, armed not with AR-15’s as Kokesh planned, but with water pistols.

According to a POLITICO report,

Austin Petersen, the creator of the Toy Gun March, said that he and other like-minded libertarians are protesting against tightening gun control issues which threaten “children’s safety by creating dangerous gun free zones, and have even disciplined students for playing with harmless toy guns as well,” the press release stated. “Libertarians care deeply about the safety and security of all people and want to correct misconceptions about guns and promote responsible gun ownership.”

In addition to serving as a formal protest of the administration’s gun control policies, the march will also serve as a fundraiser and an event for children, complete with face painting and water gun fights. The proceeds with be donated to Toys for Tots.

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