Anti-Gunners Take to Twitter to Express Outrage That GA Legalizes Carry in Bars, Airports and Churches

April 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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Gun control advocates were super outraged, that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill today clarifies and expands Georgia’s gun carry laws.

Most of the anti-gunners were upset with guns being allowed in bars. I guess they’re not aware that most other states also allow carry permit holders to carry into bars. Carrying into alcohol serving establishments was also already fairly legal in Georgia even before HB60. If the “bar” in question was actually a restaurant, such as a sports bar, or if you got the owner’s permission, you could still carry there. The new bill just clears up some ambiguous language.

The same goes for airport carry. It’s been legal to carry in the unsecured area of GA airports for years now. This bill just cleans up some language. OK, let’s get into the social media outrage.

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