Anti-Gunner Uses Amazon’s Review System to Blame Magpul for Sandy Hook

July 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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magpulcaseThere is apparently nowhere on the Internet that anti-gunners won’t go to publish anti-gun tirades.

Last month, an anti-gunner took to Amazon to express their displeasure with the fact that Magpul makes AR-15 magazines. Where did they leave this review? In the review section for one of Magpul’s popular cell phone cases.

It reads as follows,

I foolishly ordered this phone case before I realized that this is the company that made the 30-round magazine Adam Lanza used to slaughter 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook. They have fought gun reform tooth and nail, trying to militarize America’s streets, and led the recall effort against Colorado senators who actually tried to do something after their fellow citizens were gunned down in a theater there.

Some shoppers are happy to hand their money over to the death industry but I am not. Back it goes to Amazon. I won’t feed this country’s scourge.

I guess this reviewer doesn’t care that Magpul is an American company that provides American jobs. Magpul magazines are also favorites among deployed soldiers due to their durability, reliability, quietness and light weight. These magazines could have literally saved the life of an American hero at some point.

Click here to read the actual review on Amazon and see the subsequent discussion by other Amazon users.

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