Anti Gun Utopia: 26 Shot, 6 Dead in Gun Free Chicago in 8 HOURS!

June 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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city_of_chicago_sealIf the anti gunners get their way, this type of violence might be heading to your town. For now, violence like this seems to be focused in the most anti gun cities in the US such as Chicago, New York and Washington DC, while cities with high rates of gun ownership continue to enjoy much lower violent crime rates.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 26 people were shot and 6 people killed, in separate instances, in about 12 hours between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The first shooting happened around 10:12pm last night according to the Tribune and the most recent reported shooting happened just after 4am.

From the Tribune,

The first homicide of the night was about 10:12 p.m. Saturday inside a club on 79th Street between Ellis and Ingleside avenues in the Grand Crossing neighborhood, where four men were shot, one fatally, after someone opened the door to the club and started shooting.

Chicago has arguably the strictest gun laws in the United States, rivaled only by New York City and Washington DC (those cities have also seen recent spats of increased violence). Chicago just recently was able to opt itself out of Illinois’ new concealed carry law which means Chicago residents will still not be able to protect themselves outside of their homes.

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