Anti-Gun Radio Host Lays Out His Plan to Get Open Carriers Killed by Police

June 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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mike malloy

If you’re from Georgia you might already be familiar with whacko radio host Mike Malloy and his stance on guns. However, Malloy’s recent tirade against open carriers goes too far, even for him.

Newsbusters brought the comments to light and they are as follows,

I guess what I’ll do if I’m ever in that situation and I see one of these half-witted yahoos walking in with a weapon, high-caliber rifle like that, I’ll just put on a berserk act.I will just start screaming Gun! Gun! Gun! Watch out, everybody hit the deck! Guns! Guns! Everybody! And then dial 911 and I will say, shots fired, which will bring every g**-damned cop within 15 miles. And then the half-wits with the long guns are going to panic and they’re going to run out of the store and if that rifle isn’t shouldered properly, the cop is going to take a look at that and put a bullet right in their forehead.

Here is the audio:

Click here to listen if the above player isn’t working for you.

You might remember Malloy from an article we ran earlier this year in which he threatened to shoot members of the NRA’s board,

This organization founded by Gabrielle Giffords, you remember her, the former Arizona congresswoman that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck suggested should be murdered, the one who was critically wounded in a mass shooting in 2011, she calls it ‘the most extreme gun bill in America.’

The NRA, which they’re behind this of course, they want guns everywhere. Jesus Christ!

I would like to invite one of the NRA board members, and I’ll be armed, let’s just get this over with, OK? Come on down to Georgia and I’ll be packing heat and you be packing heat or whether you want to or not, I don’t give a damn, it’s up to you. And you come, meet me someplace, and all of a sudden, see, we have stand your ground here, and all of a sudden I’m going to feel real goddamned threatened by you! And I will shoot you!

If I feel threatened. The law says I can! Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!

H/T: Bearing Arms

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