Anti-Gun Priest in Chicago Allegedly Shows up to Anti-Gun Rally With Three Armed Guards

September 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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hbshbds Image: Cropped from The Truth About Guns

Hypocrisy at its absolute finest.

The most vocal anti-gun advocates have proven time and time again that they will not hesitate to protect themselves using men with guns while at the same time trying to stop you from doing the same for yourself.

Well, here is a perfect example. An anti-gun priest, Father Michael Pfleger, in Chicago, IL allegedly showed up to anti-gun rally with… drum roll please… three armed guards!

According to The Truth About Guns,

That’s right, the guy who has spend his life working against Americans’ God-given rights to keep and bear arms and self-defense has his own good guys with guns protecting him.

How did we know? There were one hundred gun owners present, many – if not most there – had concealed carry licenses and/or were firearms trainers. We know “printing” (an outline of a gun seen through clothing when a concealed carrier moves about in daily life) when we see it. Photographs show examples of printing among Pfleger’s bodyguards.

Moms Demand Action leader Shannon Watts (and other MDA executives) has also been known to roll with a crew of armed guards.

Anti-gun celebrities such as Jim Carey have also been known to utilize armed security at their homes and public events.

It’s OK for them, but not for the likes of you.

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