Anti Gun Mayors Use Police Officers as Pawns to Coerce Gun Manufacturers to Support Gun Control

February 1 2013
by Dan Cannon
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According to the Daily Caller, a group of 60 mayors are planning to use their police officers as pawns in a political game to try and force gun manufacturers to get on board with new gun control measures.

The group plans to use their police department’s buying powers to force gun manufacturers into supporting new gun control measures. Get on board, get the service weapon contracts, don’t play ball, you won’t be selling any service weapons.

Based on what we know about law enforcement officers, they won’t be too happy to be used as political pawns, especially when it could mean their lives could be endangered if they are forced to carry a sub-par sidearm.

Also, based on what we know about the gun community, private buyers won’t be supporting any manufacturers that bend under this threat.

The same tactic was used under the Clinton administration for federal contracts. Then HUD Secretary, now New York gun grabber in chief, Andrew Cuomo headed up that effort.

We’ll keep you updated.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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