Anti Gun Groups to Hand out Pictures of Dead Shooting Victims to Reduce NRA Support

April 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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A coalition of anti gun groups is planning to boycott the NRA’s lobbying efforts.

According to a Facebook event, which says the protest is happening now, at noon on 4/25 the group will hand out photos of dead shooting victims. They even say in their event description they plan on standing on the graves of shooting victims for their cause.

From the Facebook event description:

Are you angry after watching the Senate vote to put the gun manufacturers’ bottom line before our communities’ safety and the 8 kids who get shot every single day in America?

On behalf of all of us who are not taking it lying down, there’s a perfect opportunity to hold the gun lobby accountable for those in the DC area on Thursday afternoon.

Starting at NOON April 25 in McPherson Square, hundreds of folks will be gathering for a march on the K Street offices of the lobbyists for the NRA. We will be marching alongside Nardyne Jeffries, a gun safety advocate whose daughter was killed in a drive by shooting on South Capitol.

Nardyne and other gun violence victims deserve as much back up as we can muster as she hand delivers pictures of his daughter post-mortem to each of the lobbyists for the merchants of military-style assault weapons. Obviously, the more people we have supporting her, the bigger media impact we’ll have, and the more pressure we can put on the Senate to get their act together.

We will also be distributing a powerful new print by artist Shepard Fairey targeting the NRA.

Participating Orgs: Occupy The NRA, CREDO, Moveon, Public Campaign, Every Child Matters, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, Left Action, Common Cause, and The Other 98%.

There will also be round trip transportation from NYC to DC.

Regarding that last line, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a pro gun rally where they had to bus people across state lines in order to get a good turnout.

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