Anti Gun Dr and Author Says Those Who Use Guns for Self Defense Are “Wusses” – My Response

April 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to, Dr. David Hemenway is the author of Private Guns, Public Health, which demonstrates how a public-health approach—historically applied to reducing the rates of injury and death from infectious disease, car accidents, and tobacco consumption—can also be applied to preventing gun violence.

Hemenway issued the following quote during an interview on a Harvard School of Public Health Webcast.

The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.

Really? So I the dozens of elderly people we’ve reported on over the last 18 months who used a gun to defend themselves from younger attackers are all “wusses”.

I guess the mother of two in GA who hid in her attic with her children during a home invasion only for the intruder to find them is a “wuss” because she had to shoot the suspect five times at close range (he lived by the way) instead of using “skill and bravery” to protect her kids.

What about when you’re facing five or more home invaders? Are you going to use your “skill and bravery” to ward them off? This person found a gun was much more effective.

Hell, I’m a big guy and in the prime of my life, I’ve taken self defense training, but I’d be absolutely no match for 3 guys with baseball bats or tire irons without a gun.

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