Actor Joe Mantegna NAILS It With His Recent Comments About Guns and the Second Amendment

July 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Joe Mantegna will be hosting his fourth season of Gun Stories on the Outdoor Channel this year, a show dedicated strictly to firearms. He recently talked to FOX411 about the show. Here are a few of his comments,

“We will be profiling what we consider fire arms that have an impact on the world – newsworthy historical significance. We do things from looking at the Walther PPK (‘James Bond’ gun) to the Teddy Roosevelt guns that he used in Africa. We cover sniper rifles and the cold pipe bomb,” Mantegna told FOX411.

“It’s like wine. There is such a variance in firearms – different manufacturers, different models and different types. Even vintages if you want to call it that.”

“It was much easier to buy a gun in the ‘50s when I was growing up, but kids were not going into schools and shooting each other. What changed? It wasn’t the firearms laws, it was people,” he continued.

“The way kids are brought up and the way society is and the way our legal system is, that’s what changed. If America is going to stay America, the First Amendment – freedom of speech – has to be supported, but so does the Second Amendment. There is a reason the Founding Fathers put it way up there at the top.”

Talk about nailing it, especially highlighting the fact that mass shooting incidents actually seem to be more common than they did when anyone could order a machine gun by mail.

The show is pretty cool if you haven’t seen it, here is a clip we found from a past season. 1911 action anyone?

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