9 Year Old Boy Physically Disarms Home Invader and Then Uses The Suspect’s Own Gun Against Him

June 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Brooklyn – It sounds like the plot of a cheesy action movie, but this is exactly what happened when armed home invaders burst into a home in Brooklyn (side note, how were they armed when guns are practically illegal in NYC?).

The two armed men forced their way into the residence around 6:00pm. They ordered two teenagers onto the ground. A 9 year old boy was the only other occupant of the home at the time.

According to ABC, the men may have gained access to the home by posing as deliverymen.

When the suspects tried to come after him, the boy, who was in an upstairs bedroom, slammed the bedroom door on the suspect’s arm hard enough to force him to drop his weapon. The boy then picked up the gun and opened fire.

The suspects fled the home after the gunfire started. No one was injured in the incident.

Police are calling the boy a hero. According to ABC News, neighbors wouldn’t comment to the media on what happened because they had been advised not to. It it unclear who advised them of such action.

According to CBS, one neighbor did comment on the boy’s character though,

“He’s a brilliant kid if he did that,” neighbor Golding Lindo 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “He’s a brave kid to save his mother and father.”

From the whole GunsSaveLives.net family we agree that this boy is a hero. We wish the people of NYC were more easily able to defend themselves, but we’re glad to see there are some who are refusing to be victims.

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