7 Year Old Boy Faces Felony Charges Over BB Gun in NC

April 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to TheCharlotteObserver.com, A 7-year-old boy’s alleged errant shots with a BB gun will have him in a Catawba County courtroom this week, facing felony charges for shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Apparently the boy was shooting the BB at an abandoned house across the street from his home and some of his shots may have hit passing cars. This is obviously completely unacceptable gun handling (even for a BB gun), but does it really warrant ruining a 7 year old child’s life by bringing him up on firearms charges?

I would also like to know what kind of BB gun we’re talking about here. Sometimes the media refers to everything from low powered Airsoft guns to high powered pellet rifles suitable for small game as “BB Guns”.

While the boy was definitely in the wrong, and the parents should have taught him better gun safety practices, seeking a felony is absolutely ridiculous. I’d make him take a gun safety class, fine the parents, and make them repay any possible damage to vehicles.

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