67 Year Old Man Stabs and Fights Off 2 Armed Robbers After Being Pepper Sprayed

December 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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563151_635892236463276_426110195_nThis incident doesn’t involve self defense with a gun, but a knife. It also features the ‘refuse to be a victim’ mindset that is present in so many of these stories.

A 67 year old Oakland resident had just returned home with his girlfriend after visiting relatives at around 8pm.

Two armed robbers then pepper sprayed the man and demanded cash.

Instead, the man gave one of the would be robbers his knife in the gut.

The other suspect ripped a gold necklace off the girlfriend’s neck and the pair fled.

The suspect who was stabbed was later located when he showed up at an area hospital seeking treatment for a stab wound.

According to Mercury News, the suspect who was caught is Tarnell Cobbs, 19, of Oakland. Police believe he may be connected to other armed robberies.

Police say the elderly homeowner acted in self defense.

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