5 Yr Old Who Was Interrogated for 2 Hours and Suspended Over Cap Gun Allowed to Return to School

June 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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05005RollCapGunLast week we reported on a 5 year old who was interrogated, without the presence of a legal guardian, for over 2 hours by school officials (according to initial reports) until the boy peed his pants out of stress/fear. The boy brought an orange tipped, toy cap gun on the bus, which sparked the interrogations.

The boy was then suspended from school for 10 days which would have meant he would have missed the remainder of his kindergarten school year and missed graduation.

Now, on appeal, the suspension was reduced to 3 days, already served, so the boy was allowed to resume classes today according to the Washington Post.

The mother is glad her son can resume classes, but is still upset about how the incident was handled. According to school officials the incident was handled properly and that the actual “questioning” of the boy lasted no more than 7 minutes.

If true, we’re not sure what they were doing with the boy for the other 1hr 57minutes until his parents were called.

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