[Video] 3D Printed Semi-Auto Ruger Charger, 10/22 Receiver Produced

July 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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3D printing of gun parts is coming along very quickly. In the above video we see a 3D printing enthusiast who has produced a very functional Ruger Charger receiver through 3D printing.

The Ruger Charger receiver (which is the same as the 10/22 rifle) is a good candidate for 3D printing as the receiver itself is exposed to very little pressure compared to other firearms. The bolt, charging handle, and trigger group from standard Ruger guns can be used with this receiver.

The gun in the video seems to use all of the parts from a standard Ruger Charger except the receiver. The gun seems to work just fine and even holds up to a string of rapid fire at one point.

From the intro to the video,

The pistol version of the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle, the Ruger Charger comes standard with 10-round flush magazines and can accept high-capacity mags holding 30 rounds or more. As demonstrated, making one with a cheap small-format 3D printer and some parts purchased on the internet (with no paperwork) is trivially easy.

It should be noted that producing your own firearms is legal in most states as long as you don’t produce an NFA device (such as a short barreled rifle or shotgun), and you don’t transfer ownership of the firearm from the original maker. Some states and cities have passed laws making this practice illegal, check with your attorney for full details on legality of printing your own firearms receivers.

The maker of this video has chosen to hide his identity.

h/t Gun Watch

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