Oregon Sheriff Sends Letter to Biden, Says He Will Not Allow Enforcement of New Gun Laws in His County

January 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County has sent a very blunt letter to Vice President Biden about his feelings on gun control.

The Sheriff says he will not participate in enforcing any new federal gun legislation, nor will he sit idly by and allow federal agents in his jurisdiction to enforce new gun control legislation.

Sheriff Muller joins the ranks of several other county sheriffs in the last couple of weeks, including Sheriff Scott Berry and Sheriff Denny Peyman, to come out and support the Second Amendment rights of their citizens.

That said we do have more work to do, as the police chief of Chicago has said that concealed carriers are a tragedy waiting to happen.

The complete letter is below, click for the full size version (unless you can read really tiny type).


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