Obama’s Gun Control Plan Revealed

January 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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In his press conference today, President Obama called on Congress to institute new gun control legislation.

The president also signed 23 executive orders aimed at curbing gun violence. None of the orders directly target gun, magazine, or ammo ownership, but some could lead to future restrictions. It also appears the orders will need federal funding, which can be blocked by Congress.

The president’s overall tone was strongly anti-gun while at the same time saying his is a supporter of the Second Amendment.

The president has asked Congress to:
– Institute another “assault weapons” ban
– Pass a law limiting magazine capacity
– Institute universal background checks, even on private transactions

The list of executive orders can be found here.

We hope to have a video of the press conference available shortly.

It sounds like the fight for our right is still going to be in Congress.

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