More People Killed by Hammers, Clubs & Bats Each Year Than By Rifles

January 7 2013
by GSL Staff
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Some gun control advocates say that we should control the availability of ammunition as a way to turn guns into nothing more than clubs.

An article on points out some interesting data from the FBI’s crime statistics.

Why would they want to make rifles even more deadly?!?

Each year more people are killed with hammers, clubs, bats and other blunt objects than with rifles.

Keep in mind we aren’t just talking about those semi automatic rifles that everyone wants to talk about nowadays. No, these stats also presumably include all of the deaths by bolt action rifles, lever action rifles and single shot rifles.

More people are also killed by bare hands each year than with rifles.

Maybe we need to more closely regulate the availability of hammers. After all, who really needs a hammer in their home? You should call a professional carpenter. You know, someone who has years of experience in handling hammers and pay them to hang things on your wall.

Look, we’re not saying you can’t have a hammer. We just need you to fill out some paperwork and go through a background check real quick. Maybe take a class down at your local Home Depot. Build a flower box first. We can’t just have you taking one of these killing machines straight from the store to your home can we? Surely you understand.

Oh, and if you want to own one of these guys you’ll need to get a tax stamp and fill out some NFA paperwork.


Bottom line, the tool isn’t the issue. It’s the person wielding it.

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