GREAT Video Detailing What Firearms Will Be Outlawed by New “Assault Weapons” Law

January 2 2013
by Dan Cannon
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This guy does a great job detailing what types of weapons will be banned under Dianne Feinstein’s new “Assault Weapons” legislation.

Here’s a hint: almost all modern, magazine fed guns will be affected.

You will have to have your weapons inspected, you will have to register them with the federal government, you will never be able to transfer these weapons to another person. These weapons will currently be treated the same way machine guns are now. You will have to get finger printed, take photos of your guns, carry around your registration paperwork, you will never be able to sell your current weapons, and you will be facing major felonies for failure to register your weapons.

If you have not already, and even if you have, take 1 minute to use this automated process setup by Ruger to contact all of your elected officials with the push of a button. It literally only takes about 1 minute to fill in your contact information in the form and hit send.

Click Here to contact your reps using Ruger’s automated process.

Now is also a great time to join the following pro gun organizations that will be fighting the upcoming battle in Washington:
Join the NRA
Join the SAF
Join GOA

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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